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Getting your audience involved - this is what interactive communications are all about. 

It's not easy to turn an audience member into a participant, but it's a skill that is central to Gabriel's core. Game development and experientially rich web solutions have been a key focus for our company since its inception in 1999. Interactive is what, several decades ago, Marshall McLuhan would have called "hot" media, as opposed to the cool, passive, one-way communications of television. Interactive media must inform, engage, and immerse today's market more flexibly than ever. And to do it, you need more than great design. You've also got to have solid programmers and strategic thinking to bring it together.

Gabriel's history of software development, game design, and web solutions has been proven through a number of commercially released products and direct-to-client solutions in the educational, business, and academic sectors. While we never run short of ideas, we also firmly believe that the client knows his business best, and much of our best work has been highly collaborative. Contact our business development team at info@gabrielinteractive.com to discuss ideas for your next project.

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